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Our Team

We have a long history of serving the people of northern Nevada and eastern California. Our team makes it possible for us to do this everyday. We have a wonderful staff excited to help and care for your medical needs.

We are located on Ryland Street near Renown Medical Center where we offer in-office 3D cone beam imaging. Combine our leading technology with over 60 years of medical experience, and you'll find we offer sound and thorough advice and treatment. 


I wish to express my deepest admiration and appreciation for Dr. Jeremy Lough. Recently, Dr. Lough was extremely helpful, professional and efficient in performing a bedside tracheostomy on a patient.  We were actively and desperately trying to resuscitate this patient and having extreme problems with the airway.  I was very impressed with how efficient under the line of fire Dr. Lough was in securing for this patient a tracheostomy.

- Dr. R. Schmaltz, M.D., F.A.C.S.

I just went to an ENT for my daughter (tonsils).  We saw Dr. Courtney Garrett.  She was great!  Also, I have done some research on ENTs in the area.  I have heard nothing but raves about her.  Several people recommending her have been nurses in outpatient surgery centers.  I went to her father first, Dr. West.  I really liked him, too.  My daughter needs to have her tonsils out.  I met with both doctors and would feel comfortable with either one doing the procedure.  

- momof3sweetpeas

Very thorough and experienced. After my imaging screen, Dr. West called my home and explained the reason behind my sinus complications. He gave me options on how we could fix the problem. He performed my surgery and did a great job. I definitely think he has a caring and gentle demeanor.

- NativeGirl

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